Uncover How Kiwi fruit Benefits Constipation

Uncover How Kiwi fruit Benefits Constipation

About 10-20% of the general population is affected with the irritable bowel syndrome and its patients complain the symptoms of constipation and diarrhea. The symptoms of this common bowel problem led the researchers to the discovery that how kiwi fruit benefits constipation.

A research on the patients facing constipation was done for four consecutive weeks. The results showed that taking the kiwi fruit helped them with the improvement in their irritable bowel movement and constipation problem weekly. The research also showed that faster movement in the intestines resulted due to continuous use of kiwi fruit and it decreased the stagnation within the intestine causing constipation.

Kiwi fruit is known as an effective and safe dietary intervention. The water retention power of the kiwi fruit is excellent and it is also a good, rich source of natural dietary fiber. These two factors make kiwi fruit ideal for the treatment of constipation. It also increases the quantity of fecal matter and reduction in the colon stagnation.

The kiwi fruit benefits constipation by helping the frequent bowel movements in the body with its continuous consumption. The consumption of the kiwi fruit also helps in having the lesser colon transit time, which also helps in better bowel movements. Another benefit of the consumption of the kiwi fruit is that it does not show any ill effects to normal individuals.

The kiwi fruit is also a rich source of the high proportion of fiber. The fiber proportion in the 100 grams of bananas is 1.6 gram and kiwi fruit has 3.4 fiber grams in it. The high fiber in the kiwi also helps the intestinal bacteria to gain and strengthen the absorption ability. This also helps in stimulating the intestine movement in terms of the improved condition of constipation. A research shows that 45% of the patients suffering constipation have felt an improvement in their condition just in 4 weeks.

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