The Geekly Roundup – 09/04/10

The Geekly Roundup – 09/04/10

From Maya Pixelskaya
Magic made by Maya Pixelskaya

I spend an inordinate amount of time trawling the internet for nerdy things to buy or collect. So in an effort to circumvent spending all my money and to bring a little bit of link spam to Armchair Diplomat, I’ve decided to share that joy with you by way of a Geekly Roundup! To the Internet!

Hailing from Madrid, Maya Pixelskaya has made some amazing LucasArts themed paraphenalia. I found her site through her clever Day of the Tentacle tie (see left), only to find such wonders as Indiana Jones cakes, Maniac Mansion sneakers and a Loom themed Guitar Hero controller. She’s very talented and I really hope she has an auction again! Matt would kill for that guitar.

Designer Olly Moss has combined his favourite games and my favourite collectable – Penguin covers! His Video Game Covers are clever and classy. Check out his other stuff too, I have his ‘Now Panic and Freak Out’ t-shirt from Threadless.

Do you have a small child that you’re just ACHING to desensitise to violence? The Left 4 Dead mobile is for you! Made by and for sale on Etsy, the mobile includes our heroic survivors and a bullet ridden Boomer. Also for sale is a Bioshock inspired one and even a Shadow of the Colossus mobile! There’s plenty of rad non-gaming ones too.


Sticking in Etsy for the moment, feel like getting creative? There’s a Spock Monkey pattern just begging to be bought and a Squid hat that needs a head to keep it upright! Or perhaps you lack honour and facial ridges, you filthy Peta’Q.

From the world of geeky mechanical creations Jalopnik, we have Dean Storey and his street legal Battlestar Galacti-car (see right). The guy builds and does maintenance on amusement park rides, got a bit bored and decided to make the world a considerably more awesome place.

And finally, something to get you all hyped up before bedtime (just don’t tell your mother it was me!). Anyone for some Expendables?

With The Expendables trailer now online, it’s finally happened. The end times are upon us! Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis and The Governator are in an action movie together (for what looks like maybe 10 minutes). Bringing up the rear is Jason Statham (worlds best new action star!), Jet Li (last man to kiss Aaliya on screen!), Mickey Rourke (he loves his dogs!), Dolph Lundgren (he scares me!) and Steve Austin (hey, it’s that wrestling guy!). Seriously, all this needed was Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, but it looks rad to me. KABOOM YEAH!

Got something rad you want people to read about? Did you see something awesome lately? Are you raving lunatic? Then let me know! Hit me up on twitter (either on @ACDiplomat or to get to me directly, try @xutraa)

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