You may have heard how beneficial

You may have heard how beneficial

You may have heard how beneficial green tea is for losing weight. Some people may not like to drink it though due to its high caffeine content which may cause them dizziness. What if I tell you that you can get better benefits for weight loss from drinking Oolong Tea, a.k.a Wu Long Tea, and not have the same caffeine side-effects symptoms.

The chinese have been using it for centuries for burning body fat, though only recently scientific studies have been done to check this weight loss benefit. And, indeed, oolong tea does help you burn more fat than green tea. Besides the weight loss benefit, oolong tea also helps with psoriasis and eczema. The reason why oolong tea is more effective in turning fat cells into energy, is the different process of making. Compared with green tea, oolong tea is not broken during drying process, hence retaining more of its nutrients, the polyphenes which aids with weight loss. As a side note, green tea and oolong tea come actually from the same plant, the only difference between them is the drying process after cultivation. You can learn about it here.

How to take oolong tea for weight loss?

The best way to make the most benefit out of drinking oolong tea to lose weight is by drinking it three times per day, a cup o tea per meal. You need to do this for few weeks to see some considerable results. I would give it three months of try, really.

Here are some tips to prepare the oolong tea. I assume you use the oolong tea bags, and not the extract one. I prefer buying it in bulk as it gets cheaper.Also, you can re-use the tea bag once.

Boil a cup of water, then put a tea bag of oolong tea inside, no sugar added. Leave it for 1 min. and half, then take it off.

If you want to re-use the tea bag, keep it for two min. and half to brew. Then throw it out.

For best results, you need to keep drinking it everyday, three times a day. Some people worry about how much caffeine is in oolong tea and if drinking lots of it affects their health. As I said earlier, oolong tea has way less caffeine than green tea, but it still has, so it is best to not exceed the three cups per day if you want to sleep.

Where can you buy oolong tea?

This type of tea has become more available nowadays. You can ind it everywhere really, online as well as in health food stores. Finding a good quality weight loss oolong tea is another matter. Kou Tea is good quality tea for weight loss which does contain oolong tea as well.