Australia refuses classification to Crimecraft

Australia refuses classification to Crimecraft

Stop! Think of my post-apocalyptic children!
Stop! Think of my post-apocalyptic children!

Vogster Entertainment’s Crimecraft has become the latest in a list of games refused classification in Australia. The MMO, which was released earlier this year in the US, centres around gangs of thugs in a futuristic city without law.

The game won’t be coming to Australian shores, however, as the OFLC board has decided to deem it inappropriate for the MA15+ rating.

I found this slightly hilarious for a country that isn’t actually sure if they need to classify MMOs at all, but according to reviews out of the states I doubt anyone is going to kick up much of a fuss about such a mid-level title.

Of course being the full disclosure type, the OFLC hasn’t provided the exact reasons why the game was banned, but if you take a look at the ESRB’s rating in the US, you can probably guess what combination of elements offended so drastically.

Small splashes of red blood indicate successful hits, and bloodstains are depicted on the ground under some defeated characters. Achievements and mission titles sometimes contain profanity (e.g., achievement called “F**king Ridiculous”; missions called “I Ain’t Movin’ B*tch,” and “Poppin’ a Cap in Yo A*s”). Players can customize female avatars so that they only wear a bra and thong-style panties or outfits that expose deep cleavage; players can also trigger a brief dance in which an avatar caresses her body.

-Ha! Ha! Deep cleavage!

Alright, so this isn’t in a Left 4 Dead 2 class of gaming quality, but it still highlights the relative pick-and-mix nature of games that recieve bans in this country. Thanks for the heads up, Grow Up Australia!

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