Should You Diet? Or Eat Healthy to Lose Weight?

Should You Diet? Or Eat Healthy to Lose Weight?

Many people who are determined to lose weight turn to a diet, a short-term crash course in which all of the rules of healthy eating are thrown out the window. Desperate dieters turn to the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, –even the cookie diet! By the time you resort to a “cookie diet” it is clear that you have give up on healthy eating as a way to lose weight.

A further problem may not be that you are giving up on healthy eating; you may not have been eating healthy in the first place. If your meals are frozen and microwaveable, are fast food meals, are sugary meals (like pancakes), and the day is sprinkled with sugary drinks such as soft drinks and blended coffee beverages, in addition to snacks that come out of a box or a bag, you haven’t been eating healthy to start with. In your case, a diet simply means giving up on all of the “treats” you’ve been enjoying, while neglecting healthy foods you should be eating.

Eat Healthy To Lose Weight And The Biggest Problem

The biggest problem with a diet is that it is not sustainable. Can you follow the cookie diet for the rest of your life, or the cabbage soup diet? Of course not. On the other hand, eating healthy not only helps you to lose weight, but lose weight safely, and it is something you can (and should) do for a lifetime.

Some diets have “cleansing” as one of their stated goals, yet just the name of the “Lemonade Diet” should tell you that even if it cleanses as it claims, it is bound to create other problems. Too often, dieting means hurting yourself in the short term and the long term, trying to chase results like weight loss in the long run, which never materialize.

Eat Healthy To Lose Weight By Cutting Out Packaged Foods

The easiest way to cleanse yourself is by eating healthy. Get rid of the packaged foods, the frozen foods, and the foods that are designed to last forever on the shelf. Real food, healthy food, is perishable. To get food to stay fresh in a box, or while frozen, it must be pumped full of additives. There are your “toxins.” Get rid of those manufactured foods, with their artificial colors, imitation flavors, emulsifiers, etc., and you are ridding yourself of toxins without having to resort to crash-course cleansing regimens.

A healthy diet of lean meat, including omega 3 rich fish, low-fat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, removes toxins from the foods you eat in a single, simple step. This sort of healthy eating is sustainable for a lifetime, and does not mean starving yourself. Getting rid of the sugars and starches in the foods you eat results in healthy weight loss, whether your definition of fattening is low-fat, low calorie, or low-carbohydrate. In one way or another, diets will tell you to get rid of the cake, the cookies, the potato chips, the pizza, and so on. A sane, healthy diet of low-fat meats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables avoids all of these foods, while providing real taste and nutrition.

When deciding whether or not to go on the latest short-term fad diet, please consider healthy eating as the best way to lose weight for a lifetime. Your body will thank you for it.