Hidden Calories In Drinks Can Stop You Losing Weight

Hidden Calories In Drinks Can Stop You Losing Weight

By the time that 2015 is upon us - an all too short 7 years from now - three quarters of U.S. adults are projected to be overweight or obese. It is not just an issue of physical appearances, being overweight contributes to a range of health dangers, problems that will only grow as more and more of us do.

Of course our fattening epidemic is hardly surprising when you realize that we take in between 150-300 more calories on a daily basis than we did 25 years ago. There are a variety of reasons for this - Fast foods, processed and prepared meals, ever increasing portion sizes, too many bad fats and too few good ones, not to mention an unfortunate and regularly expanding choice of calorie laden drinks.

Our tastes these days have become accustomed to calories in liquid form, such as energy drinks, flavored waters and coffee drinks. The trouble is that all those liquid calories aren't so easy to keep track of, and they add up quickly. Liquid calories just don't satisfy your hunger in the same way as solid food, and many of the liquids we take in without thinking today have little, if any, nutritional value.

Experts understand that the process of drinking calories, not having to prepare or chew them as you ordinarily would with a normal meal, help these types of calories to slide aside of the counting radar with ease.

Eliminating from your diet the calories which provide minimal nutrition will greatly assist you in your efforts to lose weight. Cut the least satisfying, and least nutritious, calories first, then move on.

On reading drinks labels you should primarily be looking for the calorie count - forget the list of ingredients for the time being. Even drinks labelled 'healthy' often contribute extra calories as well. Ultimately, it's the number of calories that matters.

Therefore, if you're working to lose weight, you're best off drinking just calorie free, all natural water. If you don't feel ready to changeover to less sugared drinks immediately, try flavored water until you get used to a less sweet taste.

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