Milk and dairy products widely contaminated with bovine leukemia virus, says doctor

Milk and dairy products widely contaminated with bovine leukemia virus, says doctor

Here''s a news item on the dangerous health effects of cow''s milk and dairy products. Related articles on this topic are also available on the NewsTarget Network, including: Aspirin therapy proves useless in half of stroke patients.

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  • "MILK" Just the word itself sounds comforting!
  • The entire matter of food and especially that of milk is surrounded with emotional and cultural importance.
  • For example, cows'' milk is very much richer in protein than human milk.
  • Mothers'' milk has six to ten times as much of the essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid.
  • 1.Cow''s Milk as a Cause of Infantile Colic Breast-Fed Infants.
  • The cows'' milk allergens simply appear in the mother''s milk and are transmitted to the infant.
  • In the face of uncertainty about many of the potential dangers of whole bovine milk, it would seem prudent to recommend that whole milk not be started until the answers are available.
  • That''ll be a way to revive good old brucellosis again and I would fear leukemia, too.
  • The gastrointestinal mucous membrane is only a partial barrier to the absorption of food antigens, and circulating antibodies to food protein is commonplace especially potent lymphoid stimulants.
  • It''s hard for me to come up with even one good reason other than simple preference.
  • But if you try hard, in my opinion, these would be the best two: milk is a source of calcium and it''s a source of amino acids (proteins).
  • Secondly, the excess of protein that the milk provides is a major cause of the osteoporosis problem.
  • Nature gives us the ability to metabolize lactose for a few years and then shuts off the mechanism.
  • Certain racial groups, namely blacks are up to 90% lactose intolerant as adults.
  • One additional topic: the matter of "low fat" milk.
  • He seemed to be in good health despite some expected "middle age spread" when he had a devastating stroke which left him paralyzed, miserable and helpless, and he had additional strokes and d ied several years later never having left a hospital or rehabilitation unit.

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